Baseball Juiced

Baseball Juiced Instructions

Baseball Juiced is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to move the bat. Left click to swing the bat.


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Baseball Juiced Walkthrough

Baseball Juiced is a baseball game that is really pumped up! This sports game features cute cartoon graphics, great humor, and six sluggers to choose from.

The objective of Baseball Juiced is to hit as many home runs as you can in each season. Each season in this baseball game lasts twelve pitches. You do not have to worry about running bases or playing the outfield; you only have to bat in this baseball game. After you have received twelve pitches (or have been caught juicing), the season ends for you and you may choose to retire (quit the game) or play the next season.

When you first start Baseball Juiced, you must choose which of the six players you wish to control. The players in this baseball game are parodies of real baseball players, such as Barry Bonds (Barry Bombs), Marky McWeird (Mark McGuire), and A-Fraud (Alex Rodriguez). After choosing your character, you can select to use steroids or to do things the legitimate way and hit the gym. Getting juiced makes it easier to hit home runs, but be careful because you may have to submit to random drug tests during the season. If you test positive for steroids, then the season will end prematurely for you!

Controlling your slugger in Baseball Juiced is simple. A translucent image of the bat indicates where you will swing. Click your left mouse button to swing. In order to make contact with the ball, make sure that the silhouette of the bat is over the ball, and swing when the ball is over the plate. If you are on steroids, you are likely to hit a homer every time. If you decided to train legitimately, then you will want to hit the ball with the center of your bat to increase your chances of knocking it out of the park.

Baseball Juiced is a hilarious baseball game that fans of the sport will enjoy, especially if they have been following news of steroid use allegations. Despite that fact that there is no outfield play or actual running of bases, Baseball Juiced is still quite an addicting and entertaining sports game.