Against the Wall

Against the Wall Instructions

Against the Wall is controlled by using the mouse. When shooting, use your mouse to aim your shot. Click once to start the power bar, then click again to kick the ball with the given power level. When defending, using the mouse to aim where you want to dive and click to dive.


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Against the Wall Walkthrough

Against the Wall is a simple soccer game presented by Carling Black Label. Against the Wall features simple controls, smooth animations, and great audio.

Against the Wall is a soccer game (or football game for those outside of the United States) that pits you in a one-on-one penalty kick contest against the computer. Both you and the computer get five kicks and alternate between kicking and defending. The player that scores the most out of five goals after all kicks have been made wins.

Against the Wall starts with you as the kicker. To kick the ball, click once to aim and begin the power meter, then click again to stop the power meter and kick the ball. If you stop the meter too soon, you will not have enough power to kick the ball into the goal. If you apply too much power, however, you will overshoot your goal. In order to sore in this soccer game, it is best to make sure that the power meter is slightly above halfway full. After kicking, click on the text in the lower-right corner of the screen to take your turn as the defender.

Playing as goalie in this soccer game is simple, but it can be frustrating. In order to attempt to defend your goal, simply click where you wish to dive. The computer will kick the ball and you will dive to defend the goal. Unfortunately, there is no way to know where the computer will try to kick the ball, so your defense is based completely on luck. After defending, click on the text in the lower-right corner of the screen to attempt to kick again.

Against the Wall is it times frustrating due to the fact that so much of this soccer game is based on sheer luck. Despite this flaw, Against the Wall is a fun soccer game if you have a bit of time to pass.