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Bowling games - in general, they go easy at the 'control scheme department' and Acro Bowling is NOT an exception. Played entirely with the mouse, as long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. To get things rolling in the right direction, (1) Click on the 'Go' button and hold it down, and (2) release it and watch your bowling ball fire away and hit those pins... and pray that you land a strike. That's about everything you need to know as far as controls go. Let's have a closer look at the game.


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Acro Bowling Walkthrough

Whether you are a bowling fanatic who can't live for a day without getting his dose of bowling (real life or online, it doesn't matter), if you are someone who is dying of boredom and wants to play something relaxed and quite fun, or if you are somewhere in between, you will surely like Acro Bowling. The objective of this online and flash-based bowling game is as straightforward as it could get: eliminate all of the pins and score as HIGH as you can.

If you have played a bit of bowling, the scoring system in Acro Bowling should be very familiar. For those who don't, however, here's how it works. There are frames and each frame is consisted of 2 rolls (or shots or whatever you want to call it). When you knock down all of the balls in 2 rolls in the frame, you score a spare. HOWEVER, a strike is even better. A strike is scored when you knock down all of the pins on the first roll in the frame. Instead of getting a score of 10 for the frame, you will have 10 points PLUS the next two rolls in the next frame. And each time you land a 'spare' or a 'strike', you get to hear James Brown singing: "Whoooaahh! I feel good!" (from his song 'I Got You' just in case you don't know). Well, James Brown doesn't really provide excellent replay value for this bowling game BUT it sort of pumps you up when you hear him sing in the background. For more of James Brown, just check out YouTube. Anyway, going back to the game...

Alright, as I have mentioned earlier, there's nothing complicated about this game as far as control schemes go. BUT that also means you don't have A LOT of control concerning the roll or shot's power and direction. That said, it's important that you know how that indicator of your shot works. OK, when you click on the 'Go' Button (which is at the lower left corner of the game screen) and hold it down, you will see the indicator lights move from left to right. The indicator, by the way, is just above the Go Button. Going back, the automatically moving lights sort of hint you where your bowling ball would roll. If you release it a little too early, with the lights somewhere on the left side, the ball will roll to the left. If you release it to late with the lights on the other side, I'm sure you know what will happen. In either cases, you won't land a perfect shot... you may be able to land a spare on your next roll BUT you need to time the release of the left click button perfectly if you want to score a strike.

So how do you land a strike? Here's how: keep your eyes on the indicator light. Release it when it turns white just a split second before it reaches the red squares. This requires some practice and excellent timing to pull off. BUT with James Brown singing in the background as a reward, it's all worth it. ?