3 on 3 Hockey

3 on 3 Hockey Instructions

The keyboard is used to control 3 on 3 Hockey. Use the arrow keys to move the selected player. When in possession of the puck, use the Q key to shoot and the W key to pass. When playing defense, use the Q key to body check and the W key to steal. Hold the E key for a boost of speed. Press the spacebar to select the player closest to the puck.


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3 on 3 Hockey Walkthrough

If you are a child of the 1990s, then you probably remember the Mighty Ducks, a trilogy of movies about the eponymous kiddie hockey team. The Mighty Ducks was about much more than a child's hockey team; it was about perseverance, it was about loyalty, but yes, it was about children's hockey. If you were like me, then you probably wanted to join a hockey team after watching the movie. For me, the dream never came true, but for those of us that did not get to play kiddie hockey in real life, there is 3 on 3 Hockey, a Shockwave hockey game.

In 3 on 3 Hockey, you can play as one of two fictional hockey teams: the Blue Freeze or the Red Menace. The teams are equal in performance, their only difference being the color of their jerseys, so just pick the color that you prefer. The objective of this hockey game is to score more goals than your opponents at the end of three periods. By default, periods are three minutes in length, but this can be changed under the setup menu.

The keyboard is the primary control device used in 3 on 3 Hockey. The arrow keys are used to move the selected player (the player with a blue ring under their feet). To select the player on your team that is closest to the puck, press the spacebar. When you are playing defense, the Q key is used to body check opponents and the W key is used to steal the puck. In my opinion, body checking is useless in this sports game, so it is better to try to steal. When in possession of the puck, the Q key is used to shoot and the W key is used to pass to your teammates. Whether you are playing offense or defense, press and hold the E key for a speed boost.

Offense is relatively easy in 3 on 3 Hockey. As long as you can get into position to shoot and stay away from opposing players, you will probably score. Defense, on the other hand, is the hard part in this sports game. The goalkeeper does a decent job of catching the puck, but the AI crowds the goal, making it difficult to pass the puck to teammates as the goalie. In many cases, you may try to pass the puck to a teammate only to have it smacked right into the back of your goal by the opposing team. The only way to get around this is to try passing the puck to the player that is open, but this can be difficult. The only real way around the problem is to try to stay on offense!

You may not be able to sit around a campfire singing Queen's "We Are the Champions" after beating 3 on 3 Hockey, but you can still relive your childhood dreams. If you had no childhood dreams of being a hockey hero like the Mighty Ducks, then you can still have fun placing this hockey game (I do question your patriotism, however)!